SavingsQuest SavingsQuest

SavingsQuest is a gamified web and mobile app that addresses the challenge of saving.

SavingsQuest is a gamified website and mobile app that encourages micro saving. Described by one user as a “high-five for saving,” users earn badges, complete challenges, and level up by saving money into a savings vehicle. SavingQuest was designed to mimic the power of popular fitness trackers and health apps, like Fitbit and Zombies Run, for savings.

SavingsQuest was piloted with cardholders of Banking Up’s Upside Prepaid Visa card. In the first three months after launch, users accumulated over $300,000 in savings and saved 25% more often than other cardholders. SavingsQuest won the Gold Medal for Best Prepaid Innovation from

Commonwealth is exploring piloting SavingsQuest with other financial services firms. To schedule a demo, please contact Nashila Somani-Ladha at


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