SavingsQuest: Creating Savings Through Gamification

SavingsQuest: Creating Savings Through Gamification

Inspired by innovations in the field of health and fitness, SavingsQuest is a gamified savings app based on the principle that every contribution to a savings product, no matter how small, counts. D2D conducted a pilot of the app with consumers who used a prepaid card with an embedded savings pocket called the Rainy Day Reserve (RDR). The pilot showed positive outcomes, including that SavingsQuest users engaged more with their RDR accounts than non-users, resulting in increased savings.

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Key Takeaway

Gamification techniques have been proven successful as a way to drive positive financial action and behavioral changes, as evidenced by our game SavingsQuest.

Key Learnings

  • Gamification can inspire behavior change, even in activities that are typically considered a chore.

  • Even as a minimum viable product, SavingsQuest made a significant impact, meaning that a fully fleshed out product would influence behavior change to an even greater degree.

Key Findings

  • Not only did SavingsQuest users enjoy the tool, but the quantitative data suggests that it may have made a tangible financial impact during the short pilot period. From beta testing in late 2014 through the launch in February 2015, SavingsQuest has shown that consumers will engage with game mechanics to help build savings.

  • The total amount saved during the pilot by all RDR (Rainy Day Reserve) users was $2,557,408. This means that although SavingsQuest users made up 6% of all RDR users, they account for almost 12% of the total savings during the pilot period.


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