Save to Win 2015

Save to Win 2015

In 2015, Save to Win accountholders in all participating states (MI, CT, VA, NC, WA) saved over $22 million. A total of 6,195 new accounts were opened during the same year, helping the program reach new heights. Since 2009, Save to Win has allowed over 60,000 consumers to open accounts and save more than $138 million.

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Key Takeaway

Save to Win, now in 6 states, brings excitement and fun to saving.

Key Learnings

  • By making saving fun and engaging, people who have not saved in the past start to save.

  • People have a desire for products that aren’t just useful, but are creative and interesting.

Key Findings

  • About half of Save to Win participants identify as “non-savers.”

  • Nearly 90% of account holders were financially vulnerable.

  • Each year, more account holders participate in Save to Win.


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