Increasing Access to U.S. Savings Bonds: Recommendations for Bond Innovation

Increasing Access to U.S. Savings Bonds: Recommendations for Bond Innovation

U.S. Savings Bonds fill a market gap for safe, no-fee, general purpose savings products with low minimum balances and a trusted brand. The Treasury Department can not only preserve bonds as they are currently available—including through the Tax Time Saving Bond Program—but can also take steps to further broaden access and reach people in the retail, payment, and mobile channels that are familiar to 21st-century consumers.

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Key Takeaway

U.S. Savings Bonds provide a safe, accessible, and affordable option for small-dollar saving. This brief provides recommendations for innovative steps the Treasury Department can take to expand access and create new opportunities for people to buy and gift bonds and other retail securities.

Key Learnings

  • While U.S. Savings Bonds have features that make them unique from other savings products available in the market, they currently have very limited access points

  • In an increasingly digital and mobile world, people expect solutions that enable them to manage their financial lives easily and through the platform of their choice

Key Findings

  • By developing secure application programming interfaces (APIs) and partnering with innovators, Treasury can bring about new solutions that increase the sale of U.S. Savings Bonds without taking on the entire cost of development

  • These 21st century solutions “meet people where they are” and include: the creation of mobile optimized purchasing and redemption platforms, tapping into the gift card market, and allowing third parties to develop new ways to buy, gift, and save in bonds


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