US Savings Bonds US Savings Bonds

US Savings Bonds are an example of the role of government in addressing the financial challenge of saving.

Commonwealth works to preserve, promote, and modernize US Savings Bonds as unique, multi-purpose savings vehicles available to all Americans since 1935. Generations have given and received US Savings Bonds as an act of patriotism, thrift, and confidence in America’s future. The savings bond is the one truly universal savings product including those outside of the mainstream financial system. Savings bonds offer a safe and easy way for people to begin saving small amounts of money and get on a pathway to longer-term financial security with low minimums, no fees, and the unique quality of giftability.

Bonds are currently sold online and through the Tax Time Savings Bond Program, which allows consumers to simply and seamlessly purchase bonds during tax filing. Tax Time Savings Bonds have generated over $100 million in savings since 2010. Commonwealth advocates for the continued sale of bonds, particularly at tax time. Commonwealth is exploring strategies to modernize the distribution and sale of bonds year-round.


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