Staples and Farm Blitz: The First Ever Financial Wellness at Work Video Game

Staples and Farm Blitz: The First Ever Financial Wellness at Work Video Game

Financial wellness at work programs are gaining popularity amid growing evidence that financial stress is a significant distraction in the workplace. Recognizing that such programs are most effective when they are offered through a medium with which employees feel comfortable, D2D developed the first ever financial wellness at work video game. “Staples Farm Blitz” utilizes Financial Entertainment to reduce the stress associated with financial education, maximize engagement among employees, and bypass challenges to implementation and effectiveness that discourage employers from offering financial wellness programs.

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Key Takeaway

A financial wellness program at work, as part of an employee benefit program, has advantages for both financial and mental health.

Key Learnings

  • An effective financial education program needs to be engaging and accessible, making people want to participate.

  • It’s important to make sure that employees feel comfortable with whatever channel a financial education program is done in.

Key Findings

  • Traditional financial education programming is typically ineffective for low- and- middle-income individuals.

  • Some employees may feel uncomfortable discussing personal matters, such as finance, even if doing so could benefit them.


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