SaveYourRefund 2016

SaveYourRefund 2016

The SaveYourRefund campaign had another successful tax season in 2016. SaveYourRefund, in its 4th year, is a national campaign encouraging savings at tax time, when households making less than $50,000 claim $100 billion in federal tax refunds. The campaign creates a fun and rewarding experience to inspire Americans to use the moment of claiming a refund as an opportunity to save.

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Key Takeaway

In its fourth year, SaveYourRefund continued to motivate tax filers to save a portion of their tax refund.

Key Learnings

  • The chance at a cash prize is a motivating factor in saving money.

  • Savings Bonds are an appealing saving option for tax filers.

Key Findings

  • 37% of entrants had not planned on saving going into the filing process.

  • $94,000 in US Savings Bonds were purchased by SaveYourRefund entrants.


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