SaveYourRefund 2015 Evaluation Report

SaveYourRefund 2015 Evaluation Report

This report highlights the Save Your Refund 2015 campaign's new engagement techniques and shares insights gained. During its third successful year, SaveYourRefund encouraged over 2,800 consumers to enter and save over $2MM in tax refund dollars.

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Key Takeaway

In 2015, we continued SaveYourRefund with a variety of new tools and interventions to increase interest and participation. As a result, we learned valuable insights about how to ensure even greater success of SaveYourRefund in future years.

Key Learnings

  • Instant gratification – in this case, via scratch-off prizes - is a powerful way to build excitement around saving, a typically long-term gratification.

  • Having well-informed people on hand to advocate for a program is just as important as making sure the program is well-implemented.

Key Findings

  • Offering small prize chances via scratch off tickets at the time of filing helped build interest from an even earlier point in the process, and brought excitement into the tax preparer’s office.

  • Support for the program from on-site tax preparers made a significant difference in filers’ saving behavior.


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