SaveYourRefund 2013

SaveYourRefund 2013

This report details findings from the first year of SaveYourRefund, a national promotion that used prizes and fun to incentivize taxpayers to save during the 2013 tax season. The promotion aimed to educate filers about Form 8888 and encourage them to save a portion of their tax refund into a savings account or U.S. Savings Bonds. The paper highlights the promotions successes and potential, including: 1) Increased Awareness of Form 8888- 74% of surveyed savers had never heard of Form 8888 before learning of SaveYourRefund Increased; 2) Use of Form 8888 - 83% of surveyed savers had never used Form 8888 to save on their tax form; 3) Success of the Promotion Model - 89% of surveyed savers say that the opportunity to enter SaveYourRefund again would make them more likely to save a portion of their refund next year

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