Webinar: The Changing Nature of Work

The nature of work has changed, and will continue to change, in ways that are hard to predict. But, all indications are that traditional full-time work for one employer will continue to diminish, while other forms of work arrangements flourish. Commonwealth has engaged in research to increase knowle…

Our Approach: Innovation Pipeline

At Commonwealth, we discover new financial challenges and explore new innovative solutions through research, listening, and talking with people. We take the most promising of these new solutions and design real world pilots to see if they work. We then collaborate with partners to bring these proven…

Bite Club Trailer

In Bite Club, users manage a vampire nightclub to learn how to plan for retirement, understand the value of paying off debt, and manage spending patterns. Watch the trailer below, and check out the Financial Entertainment site to learn more and play Bite Club (or any of our other Financial Entertain…

Ramp it Up Trailer

Ramp It Up is a gamified college readiness mobile app that seeks to empower high school students to make positive financial decisions related to paying for college. Watch the trailer below, and click here to learn more about Ramp it Up. Want to try it out? You can play the game online or on you…

Gamification: Making Financial Security Fun

Gamification provides a way to turn tasks into fun and engaging activities that lead to real world action. Commonwealth collaborates with employers, non-profits, financial services firms, and more to design, create, pilot, and scale gamified apps.  

Commonwealth Brand Story

Consumer Engagement: Helping People Want What They Need Webinar

On November 9, 2016, Commonwealth's Timothy Flacke and Kristen Bryant joined the National Disability Institute for a webinar to discuss Consumer Engagement: Helping People Want What They Need, a brief that explains the importance of consumer-centric design.

SavingsQuest: How it Works

SavingsQuest, an award-winning app by Commonwealth, uses gamification to drive greater account engagement and saving. This short video demonstrates the key features of the app. Click here to learn more about SavingsQuest.

SaveYourRefund Saving Dreams

Mary Bunch, the SaveYourRefund grand prize winner in 2015, was living paycheck to paycheck until the chance at a cash prize motivated her to put aside a little money at tax time. Not only did she end up winning the grand prize, but she also learned to start a habit of saving, creating a brighter fut…

Strengthening Financial Opportunity for Consumers

Commonwealth  envisions a world where the financial system promotes lasting social and economic prosperity for every family. To make that vision a reality, they use a four-stage innovation process to bring policies and products to market that increase financial security such as Prize-Linke…