Press Coverage

Savings Account Lotteries: Win up to $25000

CNN Money takes an in-depth look at winners of the first large-scale Prize-Linked Savings product in the United States.

The Lottery you can’t lose

Prize-Linked Savings offers the thrill of the lottery without the chance of losing your investment, according to this video from Fox News.

Can Vampires Make You a Better Investor?

This Wall Street Journal article discusses Bite Club, a Financial Entertainment video game that helps teach about retirement saving.

Playing the Savings Sweepstakes

According to this Bloomberg news article, Prize-Linked Savings accounts offer a chance to win in exchange for saving money.

FinCapDev Recap: App-trepreneurs Bet Mobile Technology On America’s Financial Crisis

This Forbes article covers a group of app designers we brought together to compete to make the best financial capability tools.