Press Coverage

9 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

NerdWallet lists 9 smart ways to spend your refund, including one way to save it: SaveYourRefund.

Ways to Save (and Not Spend) Your Tax Refund

New York Times talks to Commonwealth about how tax filers can save their refund.

Walmart program: Stash cash in savings account, win prizes

With the help of Commonwealth, Walmart and Green Dot have launched the first national Prize-Linked Savings program, via USA Today.

Wal-Mart’s Unconventional Approach To Get People To Save: Prizes

NPR's Plant Money podcast covered Walmart's new product, Prize Savings, that brings Prize-Linked Savings to people across the country through the company's prepaid debit card.

New savings raffles entice more Minnesotans to save

A Minneapolis Star Tribune article covers the progress and success of WINcentive Savings, Minnesota's Prize-Linked Savings product that launched in January 2016.

Know your rules of thumb for credit card use

A Washington Post article covers the recent research released by the Urban Institute, which we partnered on, showing the positive effects of rules of thumb on credit card debt.

A Little Nagging Can Help Reduce Credit Card Debt

An article in the New York Times reports on research by Commonwealth and the Urban Institute that found that rules of thumb can work to change financial behaviors.

Tech makes saving to retire less of a chore or a bore

USA Today reports on D2D's work and on how with the help of gamification saving for retirement can be fun.

Prizes may spice up the boring old savings account

With Prize-Linked Savings legislation recently passed in Missouri, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports on a spark of interest among credit unions in the state.

Area credit union rolls out WINcentive savings accounts

SCTimes covers the excitement of Minnesotans for the introduction of WINcentive, the state's first Prize-Linked Savings program.

Indiana credit union members save money and win cash

A press release from CU Insight tells of a number of Indiana credit union members who have won prizes as a reward for saving, thanks to Save to Win.

Lucky Savers program helps New Yorkers save $6.5M

More than 4,000 members at 38 New York credit unions have saved an average of nearly $1,625 through Lucky Savers since it launched last October, according to a press release from CU Insight.

Could gambling be the secret to saving when rates are so low?

A blog post on The Conversation says that the popularity of Prize-Linked Savings shows that it may be the key to boosting savings rates.

Save Money, Win a Prize!

The Millionaire Corner blog reports that federal and state legislation allowing banks and credit unions across the country to begin offering Prize-Linked Savings programs could be beneficial.

One Surprising Way to Get People to Save More

The Wall Street Journal reports on a recent study of a savings program in South Africa that further shows the success of Prize-Linked Savings.

The Future of Saving

In a post on the CFED “Inclusive Economy” blog,  Commonwealth Senior Innovation Strategist Melissa Goldberg discusses the introduction of the SAVINGS Act, which wwill bring U.S Savings Bonds into the 21st century.

Two Mountain Credit Union members win $10k grand prizes in Save to Win raffle

A press release from CU Insight covers the Save to Win drawings that have rewarded savers with cash prizes in North Carolina.

5 ways you can trick yourself into becoming a better saver

According to the Washington Post, Prize-Linked Savings accounts are one way to make saving money more exciting.

Rainy-day raffle could encourage savings, Kansas senators say

The Wichita Eagle reports that politicians in Kansas are excited for Prize-Linked Savings as legislation works its way through the state.

MassMutual turns to video games to boost retirement savings

InvestmentNews covers other companies have embraced games for financial education, like our own Financial Entertainment.