Press Coverage

For most people, higher yields don’t inspire more saving — here’s what could do the trick

Bankrate articles looks at ways to motivate people to save, including prize-linked savings.

Think Saving for Old Age Can’t Be Fun? Try Making It a Game

New York Times article highlights the use of gamificaiton in financial education, including Commonwealth's gamified app Ramp It Up.

DC plan executives get serious about playing games

Pensions & Investments looks at the increasing use of gamification in driving retirement plan engagement and increasing financial literacy, including Commonwealth's partnership with Staples to create the game Bite Club.

Credit Union awards $5,000 to member

Local news outlets reports on Save to Win prize winner in Michigan.

How small-dollar loan programs can be a big benefit for employees (and their employers)

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis highlights one way employers can get involved in the employees' financial security, featuring Commonwealth Senior Vice President Melissa Gopnik.

Affinity Plus debuts WINcentive savings program in Wisconsin

CU Insight Press Release on the launch of WINcentive savings, a prize-linked savings account co-designed by Commonwealth, at Affintiy Plus Federal Credit Union in Wisconsin

Ric Edelman Show

Commonwealth's Tim Flacke was featured in a segment in the Ric Edelman Show podcast, talking about financial insecurity and the need for basic savings. The segment starts at 51:30.

Save to win: Banks hope to draw customers with prize-linked savings accounts

From WXYZ Detroit - with prize-linked savings, whether you win or lose, you still save.

How Saving Some of Your Tax Refund Could Win You a Cash Prize

New York Times article covers SaveYourRefund and the opportunity to save at tax time.

Savings games to help you stash more cash

Bankrate discusses how games and gamifcation - including some offerings from Commonwealth - can help boost savings rates.

Should we pay people to save?

The News Tribune explores how encouraging people to save works better with prizes, rather than (or in addition to) interest.

The Fun Way to Get Americans to Save More

US News article features savings products that use the power of prizes to make saving more exciting, such as Save to Win and Prize Savings.

Community Bank’s Prize Linked Savings

A guest post by Commonwealth in ABA Bank Marketing looks at how a community bank launched its own Prize-Linked Savings product.

Minnesota’s WINcentive Program Continues To Show Growth

CU Today provides an update on the growth of Minnesota's Prize-Linked Savings program, WINcentive.

Walmart tries to make better savers out of the unbanked

NPR's Marketplace looks at what Walmart's Prize Savings might do for the financially vulnerable

Why Workplace Financial Wellness Programs Are Hot

Commonwealth's Amanda Hahnel spoke at an event about how gamification and video games can help employers contribute towards worker financial wellness, as reported in Forbes.

Keep Your Eye On Wal-Mart’s Bold, Brilliant Behavioral Program

Forbes notes the potential that Walmart's Prize Savings holds for the future of banking.

How to Trick People Into Saving Money

A feature article in The Atlantic looks at how Commonwealth, Walmart, and Green Dot use Prize-Linked Savings to trick people into saving money with the Walmart MoneyCard's Prize Savings feature.

What to do with your tax refund: Here’s the best way to use that check from the IRS

An article from Mic lists options for how to use your tax refund, including entering SaveYourRefund.

9 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

NerdWallet lists 9 smart ways to spend your refund, including one way to save it: SaveYourRefund.