Hong Kong children can now learn about financial literacy before it’s too late

The South China Morning post reports that there are a variety of games that can help teach financial literacy to young people, including D2D's Celebrity Calamity.

Are you getting a tax refund?

MIchigan State University Extension reports on how SaveYourRefund allows tax filers to save a portion of the tax refund for a chance to win a cash prize.

Consumer Leader: New Rules For Banks Would Help Lower-Income Americans Save More

Financial Advisor comments on how D2D's gamification approach may help low- and middle-income households, as well as youth, boost savings.

Stepping up “saving ed”

This article in Banking Exchange describes how new innovations such as Gamification, Financial Entertainment, and Prize-Linked Savings are helping to teach and encourage savings.

For many, the prize is a savings account

Prize-Linked Savings programs turn some savers into winners, according to Times Union.

ABNB Federal Credit Union members win

A press release from CU Insight shows members of ABNB Federal Credit Union in Virginia are excited about participating in Save to Win.

Consumers still struggling to save money

Two-thirds of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account. An article in Consumer Affairs explains that SaveYourRefund is a great way to jump start savings.

Savings on Prepaid Cards: An Opportunity for Both Consumers and Industry

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston published this article in Communities & Banking about new tools that are emerging to help consumers access affordable financial services and save for emergencies

There’s Gambling Going On at This Bank, and It’s Perfectly Legal

Bloomberg reports that Blue Ridge Bank in Virginia is the first bank in the US to offer Prize-Linked Savings products.

Big Savings!

Behavioral economics shows that the excitement around Prize-Linked Savings helps motivate a saving habit, according to a blog post from Artemis Strategy Group.

Small Bank’s Behavioral Experiment Spurs Saving with a Lottery

Blue Ridge Bank begins offering Prize-Linked Savings product, Jackpot Savings, after legislation legalizing it went into effect this summer, as reported by American Banker.

USAA Launches New App to Help Millennials Save

American Banker announces new USAA app aimed at helping millennials save money through gamification, and quotes D2D Executive Director Tim Flacke.

Will Prizes Get More Low-Income People To Save?

Forbes article covering a Bipartisan Policy Center event where D2D Executive Director Tim Flacke spoke on Prize-Linked Savings.

The Anti-Poverty Experiment

Wall Street Journal article on the modern, data-driven methods being tested to help alleviate poverty.

Appeal of Savings Bonds Wanes in Ultralow Interest Environment

NYT columnist Ann Carrns talks about the reduced appeal of savings bonds due to low interest rates.

Why you should never, ever play the lottery

Despite it's popularity, the lottery can be harmful to low-income people; but can we apply those concepts to saving? An article from the Washington Post explores the possibility.

A fat tax refund says your strategy is wrong

An article in the Washington Post explains that tax time offers a great opportunity to jump start saving, whether you put it in a Prize-Linked Saving account or enter SaveYourRefund.

Seeing a Tax Refund as a Financial Opportunity

NY Times "Your Money" column discusses the best ways to take advantage of your tax refund as a financial opportunity.

Prize-Linked Savings: You Can Bank on Winning This Contest

This NBC News article explains D2D's Save Your Refund initiative, as well as the importance of Prize-Linked Savings Accounts.

A Lottery You Can’t Lose

In a blog post for the Huffington Post, Bob Hildreth of FUEL Education discusses the benefits of Prize-Linked Savings, specifically highlighting D2D's work.