A Lottery You Can’t Lose

In a blog post for the Huffington Post, Bob Hildreth of FUEL Education discusses the benefits of Prize-Linked Savings, specifically highlighting D2D's work.

Banks awarding "lottery prize" for saving accounts

CNN Money spoke with Tim Flacke about the benefits of Prize-Linked Savings, specifically calling out D2D's role in new legislation and in the success of Save to Win.

Mass. lottery should embrace games that encourage savings

An editorial in the Boston Globe, noting that Massachusetts has the nation's best lottery, calls on the state to pass legislation allowing banks and credit unions to offer prize-linked savings accounts.

To encourage savings, Mass. should allow banks to offer lotteries

An editorial in the Boston Globe calls prize-linked savings 'one of the most promising strategies to combat poverty' that 'isn't legal in Massachusetts.' The article also cites growing momentum among state legislatures and calls out D2D's work in promoting the idea.…

Can ‘Lotteries’ at Banks Get People to Save More?

The Wall Street Journal speaks with Rep. Kilmer and Senator Moran, the Congressmen behind the American Savings Promotion Act, and D2D Fund's Executive Director Tim Flacke about the growth and benefits of prize-linked savings.

Here’s One Solution to America’s Destructive Lottery Addiction

According to Time Money, Prize-Linked Savings offers a financially smart alternative to playing the lottery.

Put in $25, Get $10,000 Back. Your Bank Becomes a Casino

Prize-Linked Savings accounts turn saving money into a no-lose lottery, according to an article in Bloomberg.

How money stress hurts you (and your job)

Financial Entertainment titles Bite Club and Refund Rush are featured in a Jean Chatzky article in Fortune Magazine as examples of promoting financial wellness in the workplace.

Campaign to Legalize Lottery-Like Savings Awards Gains Momentum

As excitement builds around Prize-Linked Savings, a push continues to pass enabling legislation, as reported in American Banker.

Using Gambling to Entice Low-Income Families to Save

Prize-linked savings programs Save to Win, Save Your Refund, and D2D Fund partner Propel's Fund My Future Accounts are featured by the New York Times.

Save Your Tax Refund, Win the Lottery

CNN Money's Blake Ellis explains D2D's involvement with prize-linked savings products and how the tax-time savings program SaveYourRefund can benefit low-income families working to build funds.

Groups Use Cash Prizes To Encourage Saving

NPR's Pam Fessler takes an in-depth look at

Playing the Odds on Saving

An opinion piece in the New York Times explores Prize-Linked Savings as a lottery alternative to promote saving.

Savings Account Lotteries: Win up to $25000

CNN Money takes an in-depth look at winners of the first large-scale Prize-Linked Savings product in the United States.

The Lottery you can’t lose

Prize-Linked Savings offers the thrill of the lottery without the chance of losing your investment, according to this video from Fox News.

Can Vampires Make You a Better Investor?

This Wall Street Journal article discusses Bite Club, a Financial Entertainment video game that helps teach about retirement saving.

Playing the Savings Sweepstakes

According to this Bloomberg news article, Prize-Linked Savings accounts offer a chance to win in exchange for saving money.

FinCapDev Recap: App-trepreneurs Bet Mobile Technology On America’s Financial Crisis

This Forbes article covers a group of app designers we brought together to compete to make the best financial capability tools.