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Non-profit mission driven organizations are key partners in our endeavor to build solutions to make people financially secure and increase financial opportunities for all.

They have worked with us to understand the current financial challenges of the clients they work with and uncover emerging challenges. They have worked with us to test solutions to these challenges and come up with ways to make these solutions work in the real lives of the people they serve. They have engaged with policy makers to express the need for policy changes. And they have worked to improve the financial lives of millions by implementing our innovations.

Some specific examples include our partnerships with: The United Way of Delaware to increase our understanding of using the lottery channel as mechanism to promote prize linked saving; Propel Charter Schools, in designing a prize-linked savings incentive layer for a Children Savings Account program and testing a financial college readiness app with high school students; and financial coaches and educators from across the country who have used our games with their clients.

Talk with us about how we could partner with your organization to fulfill our missions.